Try one of the popular hikes between TUBAC and TUMACACORI.

Presidio Loop Trail: 1.5 miles roundtrip.

Begin at the gravel parking lot at the entrance to the park property and follow the trail east and south across the Tubac Wash, through the archaeological conservancy site and into a large treeless area.  Skirt the vegetation, follow the tree line east to a gate and continue north along the trail to the Leila Pearsall Memorial Rock placed near the trail.  Exit the trail onto Calle Iglesias road and amble back west along it to Burruel Street and then south to the gravel parking lot.  If you go just to the ramada and back, it’s about 1.1 miles.

Clark Crossing Trail: 3 miles roundtrip

Take the Presidio Loop Trail to the ramada and continue south along the tree line past a small wetlands to a gate.  Follow the trail south of the gate to Clark Crossing Road and return the same way.

Clark Crossing South to Tumacàcori National Historical Park:  2.25 miles

Proceed south from Clark Crossing along marked trail to the Mission.

Golf Resort Trail:  1.8 miles roundtrip.

Begin at the east end of Calle Iglesias at the Leila Pearsall Memorial Rock.  Proceed along the trail north to paved Bridge Road and over to the north shoulder of the road.  Follow the fence line to the right (east) to the open gate.  Stay to the left at the fork in the trail just north of the gate.  Follow the marked trail to the golf course maintenance road adjacent to the driving range.  Return by the same route.  If you proceed onto the golf course, use extreme caution as it is active.

Santa Gertrudis Lane Hikes.  There is a small amount of parking at the Trailhead.  Many people park at a dirt lot before the lane’s arch adjacent the East Frontage Road.

North to Tumacacori Mission and on to Tubac.  

South to Richard Williams Trailhead on Palo Parado Road.  3.5 miles.