Even though we have over 100 members, we are always in search of new members to work with the Trail Crew keeping the trail well-maintained.  Our other major task is raising funds that pay for needed supplies,  equipment and equipment repair, as well as other essential ATCA necessities.  All this volunteering is hard work — but fun.

You can make a difference by becoming a member and joining the team responsible for the stewardship of this National Historic treasure. Volunteer at events, help with grant-writing and fund-raising, work on the trail, and more!

Your support helps the ATCA build, maintain, and interpret this resource for future generations!

Membership is tax deductible and represents the cornerstone to our ongoing success,

The ATCA uses membership and donation funding to maintain the trail. If you hike, ride,  birdwatch, or walk your dog on the Anza Trail please support the Coalition with your membership or donation.

Thank you for your support.

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