March 24, 2022

TWO THOUSAND POUNDS of plastic trash!  That’s the clean-up goal set by a group of young volunteers working in the Rio Rico section of the Santa Cruz River and Anza Trail this month.

The group, Oneness Youth Change Makers (OYCM), were doing other projects in Tucson when they decided to go hiking along the Anza Trail in Rio Rico and noticed the intense amount of plastic pollution left by summer floods.   They decided to help.

Jake Wilson, a visiting Canadian, with his Rio Rico girlfriend, Katja, spearheads this project.  Roberto and a couple other OYCM members pitched in as did a Rio Rico couple, Caroline and Randy, who saw the effort being made and wanted to help.

So far, they have bagged 1440 pounds of plastic and made a considerable improvement in the appearance of the Anza Trail and along the Santa Cruz River near the Guy Tobin Trailhead in Rio Rico.