Volunteers Supporting the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail.

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Anza Trail Coalition Annual Halloween Yard Sale! October 29, 30, 31st

It’s time to clean out those closets and then save your  surplus items for us.  Collection of your donations starts at the beginning of October.  Call Keith Brown at 503-559-8621.

Last fall your generous donations to our Halloween Yard Sale generated over $5,000. This is how we can maintain our equipment, and complete projects like installing mileage markers and directional signage along the trail.

Pedestrian bridges out due to an active monsoon season. The Trail Crew will replace them in September

Multiple high flows this season have made keeping the wooden foot-bridges in place impossible.   Rain is in the forecast through most of August.  Hiking is still possible, but plan accordingly.  Weed growth may be a problem on some less-used parts of the trail, but it has been recently mowed from Guy Tobin Trailhead in Rio Rico south.

Keep your dog safe. Don't let them drink river water during monsoon flooding

When it rains enough for water to flow off the land and into the river, the water should not be consumed by your pet.  Normally, the upper Santa Cruz River fecal bacteria is at safe levels for wading, but all this changes when the river floods.